Great wines come from great grapes

Influenced by the soil and all that’s in it. This area of Western North Carolina finds its Its origins dating back over 20 million years ago as the Appalachian Mountains continued to evolve. It is widely documented that the Appalachian Mountains were once the tallest mountains on earth. Cooling and warming periods and continuous erosion give us more the Gentle slopes we see in the modern day.

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The Selection

From our very first block of Syrah to an honoring of a local Englishman 170 years ago. We don't shy away from growing European Vinifera, We hold our standard high, so you get the best possible experience. Read More, for our current selection.

The Shop

Online Store with a selection of our wine, apparel, and local art.

The Place

It's nessled in the beautiful slopes of the Appalachian Mountains. We have a tasting room for you to enjoy, and our over 2,500 vines starts right here: 35 02’20” N 83 39’49” W. For the rest of us, click below for the maps link.